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Next Fiddle Hell Massachusetts will be Nov. 7-9, 2014.

Fiddle Hell 2014 will be at the Westford Regency Inn, 219 Littleton Road, Westford, Massachusetts. Compared to 2013, this new location has more than triple the space, loads of free parking, $99 rooms if you wish to stay there, and great food both onsite and nearby. Sessions, workshops, the concert and dance, and late night jams will all be under one roof!

Our Saturday night concert, 7:00-9:30PM on Nov. 8, 2014, will feature an amazing lineup. The tentative lineup of fiddlers includes Darol Anger, Eric Favreau, Matt Glaser, Alan Kaufman, David Kaynor, Tom Morley, Ed Pearlman, Andy Reiner, Dave Reiner, Lissa Schneckenburger, Mark Simos, and a mystery guest. The concert is free if you’ve paid for Saturday or the Fiddle Hell weekend; walk-ins are $15.  Tell your friends!

The concert will be followed from 9:30-11:00PM with a Contra Dance - you can dance or sit in with the band.  The dance is free if you're at the concert; there are no separate tickets just for the dance.

There will be more than 155 instructor-led workshops and jams in 2014. The leaders and exact sessions are subject to minor changes as we fine-tune the schedule.

Quick links to the information below:
Workshop and Jam Levels (2014)
Room Locations (2014)
Audio and Video Recording (2014)
Last Year's Schedule (2013)
Friday Schedule (2013)
Saturday Schedule (2013)
Sunday Schedule (2013)

Workshop Leaders and Accompanists (2014)

Click on leaders' names to look at their websites. Those new to Fiddle Hell are marked with a '+' sign; they are most welcome!

Musician Instrument
Primary styles
Alan Kaufman Fiddle Oldtime (Appalachian), bluegrass and more
Andy Reiner Fiddle, mandolin Oldtime, Irish, bluegrass, Cape Breton/Scottish, Scandinavian, world ...
Art Bryan Banjo, mandolin, guitar New England, oldtime, Irish
Barbara McOwen Fiddle Scottish
Bethany Waickman Guitar, piano New England and more
Bob Alessio Fiddle, guitar New England, oldtime and more
+ Cathy Mason Fiddle Oldtime, Cajun
Cindy Eid Bodhran, banjo Irish, oldtime, bluegrass, swing, blues, Western Swing ...
Clayton March Fiddle, clarinet Irish, New England, klezmer and more
+ Darol Anger Fiddle New acoustic, jazz, jamgrass, oldtime, and much more
Dave Reiner Fiddle, mandolin Bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, New England, Western Swing, Texas, swing ...
David Kaynor Fiddle, guitar New England, Swedish and more
David Moultrup Guitar, mandolin Swing, bluegrass
Ed Pearlman Fiddle Scottish, Cape Breton
Ellen Carlson Fiddle Bluegrass, Canadian, swing, Irish, country, blues and more
Eric Eid-Reiner Piano New England, Cape Breton/Scottish, Irish, oldtime, swing, more
+ Eric Favreau Fiddle Québécois
George Fowler Fiddle New England, Maine, Irish
Jason Anick Fiddle, mandolin Jazz, Gypsy, swing, new acoustic, bop, and more
+ Jenna Moynihan Fiddle Scottish and more
Jerry Wile Guitar Bluegrass, oldtime
John Chambers Accordion, fiddle Scandinavian, klezmer, New England, Balkan, Scottish, more
+ John Lamancusa Fiddle Oldtime, Irish, Southwestern, tune transcriber, and more
John Robinson Guitar Bluegrass, Irish, oldtime, New England, and more
Laurie Hart Fiddle Québécois, New England, Irish, Scandinavian, ...
+ Lissa Schneckenburger Fiddle New England, Scottish, and more
Mark Simos Fiddle, guitar Oldtime, Irish, New England, French Canadian, klezmer, new traditional
Marshall Racowsky Guitar Texas, swing, Western Swing and more
Matt Glaser Fiddle Jazz, swing, bluegrass, and more
Michelle Kaminsky Fiddle Cajun, Oldtime
Paul Harty Guitar, fiddle Bluegrass, Irish, New England, Western Swing, Cajun, colonial, oldtime, blues, swing ...
Pete Anick Fiddle, mandolin Swing, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, world, oldtime ...
+ Rob Flax Fiddle, bass Jazz, bluegrass
Serena Eades Fiddle Cape Breton, jazz, gypsy jazz, latin, newgrass, bluegrass, and more
+ Shana Aisenberg Fiddle, mandolin, guitar Oldtime, Celtic, New England, Klezmer, Balkan, Nordic, blues, and more
Terri Lukačko Fiddle Oldtime and more
Tim Rowell Banjo Oldtime and more
Tom Morley Fiddle Irish, oldtime

Workshop and Jam Levels (2014):

Beg = Beginner.  Knows 6 tunes or more; working on basics of rhythm, tone, intonation, bowing, repertoire, playing by ear; has fun!
ABeg = Advancing Beginner. Knows 15 tunes or more; working on rhythm, tone, intonation, bowing, repertoire, style, playing by ear, playing with others; has fun!
Int = Intermediate. Knows 30 tunes or more, can play up to speed (mainly from memory) in one or more traditional styles, working on technique, on going beyond the basic tune, and perhaps on jamming; has fun!
Adv = Advanced. Knows larger repertoire in one or more traditional styles, plays with nuance (from memory) within these styles, has generally solid technique, has a fair amount of experience playing with others; has fun!
All Levels = Appropriate for all players.

These levels are approximations that you can use as guidelines to pick your workshops and jams. Some sessions are for mixed levels.  However, if you find a session to be too difficult or too easy or are not enjoying it, please head off to a different one. 

Room Locations (2014):

These rooms are located at the Westford Regency.  These are much larger than the rooms we have had in past years, with more space to spread out. Between sessions, rooms can generally be used for informal jamming, which can also happen in the hallways of the Fiddle Hell area.  

Regency I
Regency II

Westford 2N - "Kenny Baker Room"
Westford 3N - "Liz Carroll Room"

Westford 2S - "Joe Venuti Room"
Westford 3S - "J. Scott Skinner Room"
Westford 4S - "Tommy Jarrell Room"
[Old Joe] Clark's Pub

Last Year's Schedule (2013)

This will be updated for 2014 by the end of July.
The schedule is subject to minor changes.
Our goal is to have sessions start and end on time. There is usually a half-hour break between each session and the next.
For an introduction to Fiddle Hell itself, click here.

Audio recording of Fiddle Hell workshops and jams is generally fine, for your own use only.  In other words, don't go posting them online. Of course, you could bring your old tape or minidisc recorder, but the state of the art has advanced, and compact MP3 recorders with integrated microphones can record a lot of material with generally very good fidelity.  Zoom H1, Zoom H2n, Roland R-05, Tascam DR-05, Tascam PR-10, etc.

Video recording
requires prior permission from the workshop or jam leader, and should also be only for your own use. Many of the leaders are professionals who make all or part of their living from music; please respect their wishes about recordings, and take a look at their CDs, books, and DVDs in the Fiddle Hell store in the Thoreau Room.

Thanks to our sponsors! For many years, Fiddle Hell has been sponsored by CodaBow (maker of great carbon fiber bows) and by D'Addario (maker of responsive, fine-sounding strings). During the two common tune playthrough sessions Friday night and Saturday afternoon, we will be giving away a CodaBow Diamond NX Bow (list price $415, engraved "Fiddle Hell 2013") and many sets of D'Addario Helicore and Zyex strings (list prices $80 and $96 a set, respectively), thanks to these two sponsors.  We also will give away 4 nicely engraved leather violin mutes made by Wiessmeyer Violins in Boston, and several fun giveaways from the Reiner family and other supporters of Fiddle Hell.

November 8, 2013 (Friday)

Fiddlers - plan ahead so you can take Friday off from work and come to Fiddle Hell!

11:00 AM
Fiddle Hell On-Site Registration Opens. Go to the Registration Desk in the Thoreau Room near the rightmost front door of the Colonial Inn. Sign in, get a stylish wristband and nametag.  Then, look around for your fellow fiddlers everywhere at the Colonial Inn.  To see Fiddle Hell fees for the weekend and individual days, click here. Saturday and weekend registrations include the Saturday night concert and dance for free.

T-shirts, CDs, books, flyers, bows and bow rehairing (Saturday and Sunday), and the Message Board are also in the Thoreau Room.

12:30 - 1:30PM
David Kaynor: Welcome Jam [Beg-ABeg] Middlesex - Welcome to Fiddle Hell, beginners!  Here's a good place to start.
Julie Metcalf: Drop-In Beginners' Questions Answered [Beg-ABeg] Alcott - Right hand, left hand, intonation, tone, tunes, and more (drop in for just a few minutes or stay the whole time).
Laurie Hart: Irish Jig Workshop [Int] Prescott - Start off Fiddle Hell in 6/8 time as you look for the lilt.
Andy Reiner: Welcome Multi-style Jam [Int-Adv] Heritage - New England, oldtime, Irish, bluegrass, Scottish, and more.  Mix and match to start the weekend.

2:00 - 3:00PM
Dave Reiner: Learning to Play by Ear Workshop [All Levels] Heritage - Effective strategies and tips to make learning by ear easier.  This will help you at Fiddle Hell and afterwards.
David Kaynor: Swedish Workshop [ABeg] Cottage Up BR1 - Fiddle is the most important instrument in Sweden! David might teach a polska, a vals, a schottis, a gånglåt, or another dance tune.
Stacy Phillips: Learn "Sail Away Ladies" as Played by Uncle Bunt Stevens [ABeg-Int] Middlesex - Stephens was a veteran old-time fiddler from Tennessee who recorded this popular and catchy tune in 1926; his playing gives you a glimpse into a fiddle style from the 19th century.
George Fowler & Art Bryan (guitar): Playing Waltzes for Dancers [Int] Alcott - George will start you with a simple waltz to convey the basic ideas, and then use another waltz or two to help you practice your new skills.
Laurie Hart: French Canadian Workshop [Int] Cottage Down LR - How do you get those characteristic "bouncy bowings"? Laurie co-wrote the book Dance ce Soir! Fiddle and Accordion Music of Québec and recorded the accompanying CD.
Pete Anick: A Bluegrass Fiddler's Bag of Tricks [Int-Adv] Prescott - Blue notes, slides, double stops, bowing, kickoffs, breaks, backup, and more.

3:30 - 4:30PM
Julie Metcalf: Common Tunes Learning [Level varies by tune Beg-Int] Heritage - Tunes beginning with "A" - "K"  Get ready for the 8:00PM playthrough.
Matt McConeghy: Learn Rachel [Beg-ABeg] Cottage Up BR1 - Also known as "Texas Quickstep," this is a fine tune in D played in Missouri, North Carolinaa, Virginia and other areas.
Tom Morley: Irish Slow Jam [ABeg-Int] Middlesex - Some common seisiún tunes, at a  s l o w e r  pace.
Ellen Carlson: Fancying Up Your Bluegrass Fiddle Tunes [Int] Prescott - You've got the basic tune; now what? Ellen will teach a basic break to Foggy Mountain Breakdown and then show you how to fancy it up with double stops, slides, and variations.
Stacy Phillips: Learn "Dry and Dusty" in Cross Tuning DDAD [Int-Adv] Alcott - You'll retune your fiddle for this one, to get resonant drone strings and a hypnotic sound.
Bethany Waickman: Backing Up Jigs, Reels, and Waltzes (for Strummers) [All Levels] Cottage Down LR - Bring your guitar, mando, banjo, ...

5:00 - 6:00PM
Laurie Hart: New England Contradance Chestnuts [ABeg-Int] Middlesex - Laurie will teach a great tune or two that you should know but never learned.
Andy Reiner & Julie Metcalf: Open Jam [Int] Heritage - A mixture of styles and influences will propel this happy jam in unexpected directions.
Ed Pearlman: Scottish Workshop [Int] Prescott - Ed played a central role in creating the Boston Scottish music scene, and he's a great teacher.
Stacy Phillips: Bill Monroe Bluegrass Fiddle Tune [Int-Adv] Alcott - Stacy will teach a Monroe composition that he never recorded.  How cool is that?
Alan Kaufman: Yodeling 101 Workshop [All Levels] Cottage Down LR - Learn the basics of yodeling. No experience necessary; just bring yourself and your sense of humor :-)

6:30 - 7:30PM
Dave Reiner & Marshall Racowsky (guitar): Making Sense of Chords [All Levels] Middlesex - This will help you to harmonize, play double stops, back up a tune or song, and play along with tunes you've never heard before.
David Kaynor & Bethany Waickman: New England Jam [Starts ABeg and moves to Int] Prescott - The Colonial Inn's the perfect place for your favorite New England tunes.
Ed Pearlman: Scottish / Cape Breton Jam [Int] Heritage - Are we suddenly in Northeast Scotland or a Cape Breton dance hall?  It's both.
Paul Harty (guitar): Bluegrass Jam [Level varies by tune] Cottage Down LR - Lonesome Fiddle Blues, anyone? Denver Belle?  How about Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms?
Pete Anick: Gypsy Workshop [Int-Adv] Alcott - This mysterious fiddle style, sometimes called "Gypsy jazz," combines fiery passion with strong technique.

8:00 - 9:00PM
Dave Reiner, Andy Reiner, Eric Eid-Reiner (piano): Common Tunes Playthrough [Levels vary by tune] Heritage - Tunes beginning with "A" - "K". Some free fiddle items will be given away.
Alan Kaufman: Oldtime Jam [ABeg-Int] Middlesex - Low pressure and high enjoyment thanks to Alan.  The tunes go long enough to learn them by playing.
Ellen Carlson & Mystery Guitarist: Tastefully Backing Up a Singer [Int] Prescott - Backup is an important role for a fiddler.  Ellen will help you along the path using the KISS principle, in styles such as bluegrass, Irish, country and swing.
Laurie Hart: Learn "Music for a Found Harmonium," [Int-Adv] Alcott - This is a wonderful and hypnotic tune by Simon Jeffes (English / Irish).

9:30 - 10:30PM
Julie Metcalf: Learn "Dancing Bear" [Beg-ABeg] Middlesex - A wonderful, easy tune by Bob McQuillen, written for his bear friend Oso.  Part of its charm comes from repeating the same melody over different chords.
Andy Reiner & Tim Rowell (banjo): Oldtime Jam with Easy Tunes [ABeg-Int] Cottage Down LR - The year is what, 1927? Get back to your oldtime roots with some easy tunes, played not too fast.
Bob Alessio & David Kaynor (guitar): Waltz Playalong [ABeg-Adv] Heritage - Sheet music provided.  Play by ear or read the music to drift along through a 3/4 landscape for an hour. More on Sunday.
Dave Reiner & John Robinson (guitar): Learn "Cajun Fiddle" as played by Don Rich [Int] Prescott - Written by a country fiddler in Cajun style, this fun tune is packed with easy double stops and hammer-ons.
Stacy Phillips & Paul Harty (guitar): Round Robin Bluegrass Jam [Int-Adv] Alcott - Pick your favorite tunes to try out in this fast-moving jam.

11:00PM - Midnight
Julie Metcalf & Eric Reiner (piano): New England Jam [Int-Adv] Heritage - A combination of classic and modern tunes.
Andy Reiner & Tim Rowell (banjo): No Holds Barred Oldtime Jam [Int-Adv] Cottage Down LR - Pull those chairs in until you're knee to knee, change keys once in a while, and you're off.
David Kaynor: Common Tunes Repertoire Jam [Beg-ABeg] Cottage Up BR1 - Here's a chance for beginners to go through some of the easiest common tunes.
No Leader: Open Jams Cottage Up and Down - Start your own jam in one of the Cottage jam spaces.

Midnight - 3:00AM
No Leader: Open Jams continue in all four Cottage jam spaces. Sleep is optional (but pace yourself!).

November 9, 2013 (Saturday)

Fiddle Hell On-Site Registration Opens for the Weekend or for Saturday. Go to the Registration Desk in the Thoreau Room near the rightmost front door of the Colonial Inn. Sign in, get a stylish wristband and nametag.  Then, look around for your fellow fiddlers everywhere at the Colonial Inn. To see Fiddle Hell fees for the weekend and for Saturday only, click here.

T-shirts, CDs, books, flyers, bows, bow rehairing, and the Message Board are also in the Thoreau Room.

9:30 - 10:30AM
Andy Reiner: Healthy Musical Attitudes [All Levels] Heritage - Andy's sage advice will help you make progress on your instrument while keeping sane!
Tom Morley: Easy Irish Workshop [Beg-ABeg] Cottage Up BR1 - Tom's got a passion for Irish tunes and is especially good with beginners.
Alan Kaufman: Oldtime Workshop [ABeg] Prescott - Learn an easy tune with that oldtime Southern groove. 
Stacy Phillips: Klezmer Workshop [Int] Alcott - We'll explore what makes Klezmer tick through learning a tune, probably an East European hora. 
Laurie Hart: Learn "Reel du Pointe-au-Pic" as Played by Jos Bouchard [Int-Adv] Café - Learn this great Québec tune as played by French Canadian Jos Bouchard (1905-1979).
Ed Pearlman: Scottish Workshop [Adv] Cottage Down LR - Ed has worked closely with many masters of Scottish fiddling, and has taught countless students this stirring style.
Tim Rowell (banjo): Oldtime Banjo Workshop [ABeg-Int on banjo] Cottage Up BR2 - The first banjo workshop ever at Fiddle Hell! Bring your 5-string banjo.

11:00AM - Noon
Dave Reiner: Common Tunes Learning [Levels vary by tune Beg-Int] Heritage - Tunes beginning with "L" - "Z". Get ready for the 3:30PM playthrough.
Mark Simos: Tune Writing [All Levels] Prescott - Mark will discuss and demonstrate his approach to tune writing, and will share his really helpful exercises.
Julie Metcalf: New England Slow Jam [ABeg-Int] Cottage Down LR - Revisit your favorite tunes and make progress on new ones.
Alan Kaufman: Oldtime Workshop [Int] Cottage Up BR1 - Learn some basic oldtime fiddle tunes while paying close attention to the rhythmic hypnotic framework of the tunes.
George Fowler & Art Bryan (guitar): Learn "Woodsman's Reel" as Played by Lucien Mathieu [Int] Cottage Down BR - Here's a fine, traditional Maine version of the tune, perfect for listening and dancing. If time permits, we'll also learn one of Lou's great "crooked" polkas.
David Kaynor: Swedish Workshop [Int] Cottage Up BR2 - Learn some easy and pretty Swedish tunes: a schottische, a polska that would be danceable for hambo (with attention to that elusive rhythm!) and either a waltz or a walking tune. 
Stacy Phillips: Music Theory for Bluegrass and Western Swing [Int-Adv] Alcott - Cut down on memorization in jam sessions, catch a glimpse of the connections between chords and scales, and un-learn some of those half-truths that masquerade as general music knowledge.
Laurie Hart: Irish Reel Workshop [Adv] Café - Go beyond the notes to the essence of the Irish fiddle sound.

12:30 - 1:30PM
Julie Metcalf: Drop In Questions Answered [Beg-ABeg] Café
- Bowing, left hand position and intonation, achieving better tone, practice hints, playing faster, and more (drop in for a while or stay the whole time).
Andy Reiner & Tim Rowell (banjo): Easy Tunes Not-Very-Fast Oldtime Jam [Beg-Int] Cottage Up BR2 - Go with the flow of easy tunes at a relaxed pace. This makes learning new tunes easy.
Tom Morley & Bethany Waickman (guitar): Slow Irish Jam [ABeg-Int] Cottage Down LR - Tom leads many slow jams, from Alabama to Ireland, and Bethany's a sought-after and great accompanist.
Mark Simos: Oldtime Tune Workshop [Int] Prescott - While teaching a tune or two, Mark will show bowing and phrasing concepts that you can apply to lots of oldtime tunes.
David Kaynor & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano): Up-to-Speed New England Jam [Int] Heritage - Play some local favorites and try a few tunes that might be new to you.
Serena Eades & David Moultrup (guitar): Jazz Improvisation Workshop [Int-Adv] Cottage Up BR1 - Tap into Serena's contemporary imagination for jazz improv, using techniques developed at Berklee College of Music by Matt Glaser. 
Dave Reiner & Jerry Wile (guitar): Learn "Draggin' the Bow" [Adv] Alcott - This Western Swing and bluegrass classic is a great tune, chock full of helpful techniques, variations, and bowings.  Handout provided, as at most of Dave's workshops.

2:00 - 3:00PM
David Kaynor: New England Style Workshop [Beg-ABeg] Heritage - Learn from a fine fiddler and contra dance caller.
Mark Simos: New Tune Swap and Clinic [All Levels] Prescott - Here's a chance to share your original tunes and learn more about how to write them.
Andy Reiner: Bow Chopping Workshop [All Levels] Cottage Up BR2 - A modern fiddling technique for both backup and leads, like playing drums on your fiddle. Nobody does it better.
Bob Alessio: Common Tunes Learning and Playthrough [ABeg-Int] Cottage Up BR1 - Tunes by request, whatever letter they start with.
Laurie Hart & Bethany Waickman (guitar): French Canadian Jam [Level varies by tune; mainly Int] Café - A wonderful style from the north that combines French folk music and Irish and Scottish fiddling, with great rhythm in the fiddle and the feet. Bring your favorite tunes and play along with some classics, too.
Paul Harty: Cajun Fiddle Workshop [Int] Cottage Down BR - Laissez les bon temps rouler!  Paul's got some fine Cajun tunes to show you, with the elusive Aieee! factor.
Stacy Phillips: Tasteful Bluegrass Double Stops [Int-Adv] Alcott - What are Bobby Hicks, Benny Martin and Vassar Clements doing?  How do they know what notes to choose to harmonize their melody lines? "Tasteful?"? Well, not always.
Alan Kaufman & Tim Rowell (banjo): Up-to-Speed Oldtime Jam [Int-Adv] Cottage Down LR - Alan leads many local oldtime jams, and this'll be an epic one.

3:30 - 4:30PM
Dave Reiner, Andy Reiner, Eric Eid-Reiner (piano): Common Tunes Playthrough [Level varies by tune] Concord Scout House - Tunes beginning with "L" - "Z" . Some free fiddle items will be given away.
Julie Metcalf & Marshall Racowsky (guitar): Easy Jam [Beg-ABeg] Heritage - Play some tunes you know and try some ones you don't, together with new friends.
Terri Lukacko: Oldtime Tune Workshop [Int] Prescott - We'll start with a tune in G and use some oldtime techniques that make it easy to pick up by ear and to fit into an oldtime string band repertoire.
Laurie Hart: Scandinavian Hambo and Schottische Workshop [Int] Cottage Down LR - Essential repertoire and technique for the couple dances done at halftime at a contra dance.
Stacy Phillips: Learn a Western Swing Tune: "Cactus Set Up" [Adv] Alcott - Catch a great tune and learn how arpeggios make interesting solos.  

5:00 - 6:00PM
Ed Pearlman: Easy Scottish Workshop [Beg-ABeg] Prescott - A simple Scottish tune can sound great - practical learning from Ed.
Terri Lukacko & Tim Rowell (banjo): Easy Oldtime Jam [ABeg] Cottage Down LR - Terri leads oldtime jams in both the US and Australia.
Stacy Phillips: Learn "Quail Is a Pretty Bird" as Played by John Hartford [ABeg-Int] Alcott - This is a really sweet tune by John Hartford.  We miss him...
Andy Reiner & Clayton March: Up-to-Speed Irish Jam [Int-Adv] Concord Scout House - The craic will be mighty!  It's a big space, and we'll fill it with lots of trad tunes.
Matt Glaser: Improvisation Workshop [Int-Adv] Heritage - Come for a transmogrifying torrent of ideas and exercises from Matt, a legendary improvisor.
Lena Jonsson: Really Traditional Swedish Fiddle [Adv] Café
- Lena is steeped in tradition but is also on the forefront of new ways to express it on the fiddle.

7:00 - 9:00PM
Fiddle Concert (open to the public) in Concord Scout House, 74 Walden Street
(about a six minute walk from the Colonial Inn, parking nearby).  This concert will feature great fiddling from (tentatively) Dave Reiner, Andy Reiner, David Kaynor, Mark Simos, Julie Metcalf, Alan Kaufman, Ed Pearlman, and Matt Glaser.  It's free if you’ve paid for Saturday or the weekend at Fiddle Hell ; walk-ins are $15 (includes contra dance afterwards).  Tell your friends - this is the only part of Fiddle Hell that's open to the public.

9:15 - 10:45PM
Contra Dance (open to the public) in Concord Scout House, 74 Walden Street. David Kaynor calling, Andy Reiner, Julie Metcalf, Eric Eid-Reiner (piano) and the Fiddle Hell sit-in band. Put down your fiddle and dance a few easy contras (no experience necessary). Or you can sit in with the band to play typical New England tunes for the dancers. Walk-ins for the contra dance alone are $8.
Paul Harty (guitar): Bluegrass Jam [Levels vary by tune, mainly Int-Adv] Alcott - If you're not at the dance for some reason, here's a bluegrassy alternative.
No Leader: Irish Jam [Int-Adv] Heritage - This seisiún ceoil na hÉireannan is also an alternative.

11:00PM - Midnight
Andy Reiner: Free Improvisation [All Levels]
Heritage - No boundaries! 
No Leader: New England Jam [Int, more or less] Cottage Down LR - New England tunes, what else?
No Leader: Open Jams in the remaining Cottage jam spaces

Midnight - 3:00AM
No Leader: Open Jams continue in the four Cottage jam spaces.

November 10, 2013 (Sunday)

Try the Colonial Inn's Fast Fiddle Hell menu, or breakfast buffet from 9:30AM - noon, or Sunday brunch buffet 10:30AM - 2PM. Or just sleep in!

All day
More jamming and workshops. Jam, chat, trade tunes, buy CDs and fiddle books, buy a T-shirt or mug, wander around Concord.

Fiddle Hell On-Site Registration opens for Sunday.
Go to the Registration Desk in the Thoreau Room near the rightmost front door of the Colonial Innl Sign in, get a stylish wristband and nametag. Then, look around for your fellow fiddlers everywhere at the Colonial Inn. To see Fiddle Hell fees for Sunday only, click here.
T-shirts, CDs, books, flyers, bows and bow rehairing, and the Message Board are also in the Thoreau Room.

9:30 - 10:30AM
Dave Reiner & Paul Harty (guitar): The Secrets of Backing Up a Singer [All Levels]
Heritage - Hear and see exactly how it's done, and try it yourself.
Andy Reiner: Kids' Session [Beg-ABeg] Cottage Up BR1 - Learn tunes and techniques.  Fun and fiddling surprises for kids.
Tom Morley: Easy Irish Workshop [ABeg] Cottage Down LR - Lilt your way amidst the jigs and reels, with Tom as your intrepid guide to an easy tune or two.
Clayton March: Klezmer Workshop [Int] Cottage Up BR2 - Clayton plays both fiddle and clarinet in Klezmer style, and will focus on techniques and a few tunes.
Laurie Hart: Sizzling Minor Tunes Workshop [Adv] Alcott - Gems from Laurie's contradance, French, and East European repertoire.

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Barbara McOwen: Scottish Workshop [Beg-ABeg] Cottage Up BR1 - Barbara has a lifelong love of Scottish fiddling, and a long history of teaching great tunes to beginners.
Julie Metcalf & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano): New England Jam [ABeg-Int] Heritage - Not too difficult, not too fast, draw your bow as the tunes go past.
Dave Reiner: Bowing Patterns Workshop [Int] Alcott - The rhythmic drive, flow of notes, and liveliness of a fiddle tune owe much to the often intricate patterns woven by the fiddler's bow.  Dave will impart this essential knowledge.
Clayton March (clarinet) & John Chambers (accordion): Klezmer Jam [Int] Cottage Down LR - It was really wild last year!
Laurie Hart: Swedish Polska Workshop [Int-Adv] Cottage Up BR2 - Polskas from North or South Sweden or both. From Laurie's Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition project (CDs and books).
Paul Harty (guitar): Western Swing Playalong [Int-Adv] Cottage Down BR - Try some hot breaks on fiddle or just play melody as Paul takes you through classic tunes like "My Window Faces the South."

12:30 - 1:30PM
Clayton March: Irish Workshop [Beg-ABeg] Cottage Down LR - Clayton will teach an easy jig or reel, and help you to make it sound Irish.
Eric Eid-Reiner: Taming Performance Jitters [All Levels, All Instruments] Cottage Down BR - For some of us, the pressure mounts when we perform.  Eric can help, with very useful ideas, exercises, and techniques. 
David Kaynor: New England Workshop [ABeg-Int] Cottage Up BR1 - What delightful tune will David teach?  Whatever it is, it'll have that inimitable New England lift to it.
Andy Reiner: 5-String Fiddle Clinic [ABeg-Int] Cottage Up BR2 - What can you do with that beautiful low C string (EADGC)? Please bring your own 5-string fiddle if possible.
Matt McConeghy: Rhode Island Tune Session [Int] Alcott - Play favorite tunes of the Old Fiddlers Club of Rhode Island. Music handout provided.
Barbara McOwen: Scottish Workshop [Int-Adv] Heritage - We're lucky to have Barbara aroon' an' aboot again this year!  Come for classic tunes, essential techniques, and deep insights.

2:00 - 3:00PM
David Kaynor: Learn a Great Tune [ABeg] Alcott - By now you've heard David Kaynor's fine playing on all sorts of tunes.  A great tune doesn't have to be difficult.
Dave Reiner: Irish Ornamentation [ABeg-Int] Heritage - We’ll slow down and practice the cuts, long rolls, short rolls, trebles, and lilts that characterize Sligo style Irish fiddling, in the context of traditional tunes.
Laurie Hart: French Canadian Workshop [Int] Cottage Up BR1 - Learn a tune or two from Laurie's excellent book Danse ce soir! Her books and CDs are available in the Fiddle Hell store.
Andy Reiner: Wicked Chords for Fiddle [Adv] Cottage Down LR - How to fit hair-raising intervals, unusual chords, and moving chord lines into your playing.
Paul Harty: Backup Guitar Workshop [ABeg-Adv on guitar] Cottage Up BR2 - Bring your guitar to learn just how it's done from Paul!

3:30 - 4:30PM
Andy Reiner: Original Tune Show and Tell [Any Level] Cottage Up BR1 - A chance to play tunes you wrote for fellow fiddlers.
Barbara McOwen & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano): Scottish Jam [Level varies by tune] Heritage - Follow Barbara's lead or suggest your own favorite tunes and medleys.
John Chambers (accordion): Easy Swedish Jam [ABeg-Int] Cottage Down LR - Lingonberry?  No, a musical jam involving polskor, valser, polkor, schottisar and gånglåtar.
Laurie Hart: Irish Workshop [Int] Cottage Up BR2 - A mix of traditional tunes and useful techniques, including practice tips.
Bob Alessio & David Kaynor (guitar): Waltz Playalong [ABeg-Adv] Alcott - Sheet music provided.  Play by ear or read the music to help us gently wind down.

5:00 - 6:00PM
David Kaynor: Easy Jam [Beg-ABeg] Prescott - It's not quite over yet! David will guide you through a last jam at Fiddle Hell 2013.
Bob Alessio & John Robinson (guitar): Waltz Playalong [ABeg-Adv] Alcott - Sheet music provided. Play by ear or read the music as this session continues.
Tom Morley & Andy Reiner: Up-to-Speed Irish Jam [Int] Heritage - Reels, jigs, and the occasional hornpipe.  You could be in the Cobblestone Pub in Dublin.
No Leader: Oldtime Southern Jam [Int-Adv] Cottage Down LR - It's all about the rhythm, in a music "rich in cultural continuity" [wrote Mark Humphrey].

Fiddle Hell is officially over. Go to dinner, take in a live performance, make your way to Boston or Cambridge. Or head home, glowing with the aura of new friends, new tunes, and new experiences.

Next year’s Fiddle Hell will be on Nov 7-9, 2014. Mark your calendar now.


How about a CD or fiddle book?

Reiner Family Band CDHere are the latest CDs from the Reiner Family Band and from Eric and Andy, and classic and new fiddle books from Dave and Andy.

Want a Fiddle Lesson?

fiddleDave's been teaching fiddle lessons in the Boston area for years, and knows a lot of excellent tunes in bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, swing, and other styles. He can show you the best bowing patterns, demystify chords and theory, and help with variations, backup, and contests. Read More